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Power Flushing

Over time, central heating water accumulates harmful dirt and debris, the mix of water and oxygen causes metallic sludge to form and without proper care, over time this can destroy your boiler, pipework and radiators.

Contaminated water leads to a loss of radiator heat, increased system noise, poor circulation and potentially system failures. All of these factors mean higher gas bills and a greater chance of a boiler breakdown.
In this situation, powerflushing or power cleansing is the most effective way of cleaning a dirty system in order to restore it to optimum operation and reduce your home heating bills.
*please note that powerflushing will not remove existing blockages, these require to be cut out manually.
Once your system has been brought back to prime efficiency, ensure that it stays that way by fitting a magnetic system filter such as Worcester Greenstar or Magnaclean.

Magnetic System Filters

These are fitted at the boiler and they are specifically designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants by catching sludge and debris before they reach your boiler. Our engineer will clean the filter free of charge as part of your annual boiler service.
For more information on power flushing, power cleansing or magnetic system filters please contact us.

Power Flush
Heating System Flush