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Our friendly, experienced admin team works with our amazing engineers to ensure our clients always receive excellent service. They ensure your needs are understood, appointments are kept and, above all, that you are happy with our service!
To save you time, we provide convenient one-hour arrival slots and text message appointment reminders so you can minimise disruption to your day.

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Alan Eeles
Service & Repair expert

A joy to the world at 8am (usually because he's been up since 5am with his baby) Alan always has a smile on his face. Asked what to write on his bio he said "I like running, I’m a bit obsessed with The Beatles and 60’s music, enjoy attempting to play the guitar and making pizzas for the family". He's also a brilliant engineer and a huge asset to our team.

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Claire 340x385 2
Claire Findlay

The lady boss, Claire spends most of her time multi tasking, looking after everything from marketing to Health & Safety. She's a regular at the gym, a useless golfer, improving skier and an experienced wine drinker! She's also a mum to 2 boys, 2 dogs and 2 cats as well as the whole of the Scott Findlay team.

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Kevin Calder 340x385 2
Kevin Calder
Senior engineer

Kev is our longest serving team member. He’s a Tough Mudder Ambassador who spends most weekends running around the countryside with a bunch of like minded fitness pals. He just loves a challenge, particularly if it’s for charity and he regularly competes in all sorts of events around the UK. When he isn’t sliding around in the dirt he loves taking his wife and kids to the football and going for long walks with his big fluffy rescue dog Koda.

Kevin Calder 340x385 1
Gavin Ogilvie 340x385 1
Gavin Ogilvie
Customer operations

Previously a manager at our local plumbers merchant, we were lucky enough to persuade Gavin to come and join our team. Possibly the busiest person in the office, Gav makes sure all our repairs are organised efficiently, only stopping long enough to consume multiple sweet treats to keep him going. A half decent golfer(so he says) and a big football fan, he's also a TV buff and a Polish vodka expert! Just don't ask him to tell you a joke....

Gavin Ogilvie 340x385 2
Simon Pugh 340x385 2
Simon Pugh
Senior engineer

Our second longest serving engineer, Simon is known as “the boffin” for his awesome technical knowledge. He took his first boiler apart aged 5 (luckily it belonged to his parents…)and even the trickiest heating and plumbing issues are no match for him-it's tiring work though so he'll never refuse a coffee! A keen photographer and massive dog lover, outside of work he’ll usually be found cycling or walking in the beautiful Scottish countryside with his wife and 2 border collies.

Simon Pugh 340x385 1
Cameron Edwards 340x385 2
Cameron Edwards
Heating and Plumbing Specialist

Our boiler and specialist radiator installations expert, Cammy’s also a football lover but doesn’t get much time to himself at weekends as his two young daughters keep him very busy. When he isn’t at the soft play or the park he's on his Playstation or getting in the odd game of footy with his mates. A self confessed geek, he also loves board games, and formula one.

Cameron Edwards 340x385 1
Dawn Grant 340x385 2
Dawn Grant
Customer operations

Dawn completes the office dream team, she has a wealth of experience in maintenance and our paths crossed several years ago until by luck she turned up during our hour of need. Always calm and in control, there's nothing she can't handle and she's always on the ball-in more ways than one as she's a huge fan of golf and football, not to mention darts, pool and even a bit of bowling...she's also mum to one young son and a big lovable pooch!

Dawn Grant 340x385 1
Mark Hamilton 340x385 2
Mark Hamilton
Plumbing & Heating engineer

Mark spent many years travelling the world in the marines before joining our team in 10 years ago which means that no job is too tough and he'll tackle any problems with a cheery smile. He's a big softy at heart though and enjoys spending his weekends chilling with his family and posting pictures of small fluffy animals on Facebook.

Mark Hamilton 340x385 1
Duncan Walker 340x385 2
Duncan Walker
Service & repair expert

After almost 40 years as a lead tech with British Gas, our colleague Duncan jumped ship to add his considerable skills to our team. There's nothing that he doesn't know about fixing boilers and his huge amount of experience is a great asset to the team. He's a sociable chap who enjoys concerts and caravanning with his many pals, any excuse for a knees up and he's your man!

Duncan Walker 340x385 1
Denise Harkess 340x385 2a
Denise Harkess
Customer operations

Dee has been part of the team since the very beginning, starting out all together in the home office. Very much part of the family, even our dogs are related! When she isn't meticulously checking figures or looking after a mountain of admin, she'll be found in the woods or at the beach with her beloved Whippet Willow, and that's after 2 classes at the gym! Oh, and somewhere amongst this she manages to look after 2 "grown up" daughters and her partner too.

Denise Harkess 340x385 1
Dave Smith 340x385 2
Dave Smith
Plumbing & heating engineer

Dave is an expert plumber and installer of boilers and heating systems. Outside of work he's a man of many talents, enjoying archery and airsoft, as well as appearing as a movie extra! He loves spending as much time as possible with his wife and 2 young children at their caravan at Pettycur Bay in Fife, where every day's a holiday!

Dave Smith 340x385 1
Gary Alexander 340x385 2
Gary Alexander
Plumbing & heating engineer

A boiler repair and service specialist, in his spare time Gary is a keen golfer and football fan. He's also a loving husband and dad of two young kids who keep him on his toes. He also admits to making a mean pot of soup, but just don't sneak up behind him while he's doing it, he's a big scaredy!

Gary Alexander 340x385 1
Albert Jacobs 340x385 2
Albert Jacobs
Plumbing and heating expert

Our chum Albert spent many years as a manager for Scottish Gas, in charge of a full team of engineers covering the city. After taking early retirement he decided his talents were wasted and he wanted to be part of a team again, so he now lends us his considerable skills 3 days a week. A DIY expert, Albert always has a project on the go, either for himself or one of his 3 grown up children!

Albert Jacobs 340x385 1
Mark Mooney 340x385 2
Mark Mooney
Plumbing & heating engineer

Mark spent many years working for himself before he joined the team so he knows the importance of customer care. He's also a qualified electrician which comes in handy now and again! Theatre is his secret passion and he loves nothing better than taking himself off for a long weekend to check out the latest West End Musical.

Mark Mooney 340x385 1
Martinus Burger 340x385 2
Martinus Burger
Service & repair engineer

Martinus was lucky enough to have grown up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Namibia. He's always worked with gas-before training as a heating engineer he was employed as a chef!. He loves going for walks and camping with the family in quiet open spaces like the Pentlands or Cairngorms park. At weekends he can be found playing football and going to soft play with his wee boy or relaxing with a bit of DIY, gardening, and console gaming.

Martinus Burger 340x385 1
Andy Given 340x385 2
Andy Given
Plumbing & Heating specialist

Originally from the Scottish Borders, Andy used his skills to travel all around the world until he decided to settle back home in bonnie Scotland with his partner and young son. He's a keen sportsfan who particularly loves rugby and football, with a bit of hiking and snowboarding thrown in-depending on the country! The rest of the time he'll be found running around trying to tire out his son or exhausting himself with a never ending mountain of DIY...

Andy Given 340x385 1
Scott Findlay 340x385 2
Scott Findlay
Boss man

Scott the boss man spends most of his day getting shouted at by the lady boss or laughed at by the rest of the team! To relieve the stress he's taken up golf alongside his passion for football and he'll be found at the game with his 2 boys most weekends. He's a bit of a petrol head too and uses the away fixtures as an excuse to have a blast along the motorway. A skier at heart though, before he settled into life as a plumber, he was found up the mountains teaching the primary class!

Scott Findlay 340x385 1

“I am seriously impressed with Scott Findlay Plumbing & Heating team and the experience I had with my new boiler installation. The office team were very helpful and supportive whilst the team who installed and carried out the work exceeded my expectations. The guys were punctual, professional, they knew exactly what they were doing, worked very hard to meet and deliver the work on time and were very tidy and respectful of my property. I felt I could ask any question and that they cared. I would highly recommend this company!”

N Duckett, Boiler Installation, Leith, EH7, Jan 2024

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