Gain greater control of your central heating.

There are different types of central heating controls-smart heating controls and digital heating controls- with each offering different functionality and benefits. It's important to consider which type of control would best suit your lifestyle. Do you simply need the heating to turn on and off at set times, or do you require consistent, comfortable room temperature?

Have a look at the different options below and please contact us for more information:

Smart heating controls or "wifi heating controls" allow you to control your heating on the go from your phone, tablet or other device, letting you change the temperature or switch your heating off when you're out and about. We are experts in the installation of Hive, Nest or Bosch Easy Control. 

Smart radiator valves are designed to let you control the temperature in individual rooms. They work alongside your smart thermostat and are normally controlled from you phone or tablet. This is known as zoned heating.

These offers a great deal of control overyour heating system whilst improving it's overall performance. Set on/off heating times that fit around your lifestyle and benefit from a 7 day programming schedule. Typical examples of digital controls would be the Worcester Bosch "Comfort RF" range or Drayton and Danfoss.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a quick response today in getting my boiler sorted. Your specialist was lovely and did the service as planned. He kindly managed to disconnect my Nest which wasn’t working so I could at least have the heating on – I am very grateful for that as appreciate that was above and beyond the service. I’m so glad I chose you guys to fit my boiler and very grateful for great service.”

S Crawford, Boilers, Leith, EH6, Apr 2023

Smart Controls FAQs

When utilised properly you can tailor your heating and have greater control over it which will cut costs. Hive allows customers to input how much they want to save and then sets up a schedule that helps them stick to this budget.

They typically work with most boilers; as long as the system can be controlled by a standard thermostat or programmer you should be fine.

This allows individual rooms or zones (eg a specific floor) to be heated tome specific temperature. This is typical achieved through the use of smart thermostatic radiator valves and it means you don't taste money and energy heating rooms that no-one's using.

Not necessarily; many people find digital controls easier to use, particularly if they are elderly or less technically minded. For the vast majority of homes a digital control is perfectly adequate.

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