What is a TRV?

TRV stands for Thermostatic Radiator Valve, it's that little thing on the side of your radiator which is an improved type of basic manual radiator valve and allows you to gain better control of your heating and lower your energy usage.

By fitting TRVs to your radiators, you can control the temperature in each room individually. The valves detect the temperature of the room, then adjust the radiator so that the room is as warm as you want it. TRVs have a numbered dial, usually from 0 to 5, with each number corresponding to a temperature range, typically:
1 = 10°C

2 = 15°C

3 = 20°C

4 = 25°C

5 = 30°C

This way you can set each room to your own needs, for example your lounge can be a cosy 3 or 4, an empty bedroom kept at a cool 1 and an warm kitchen kept ticking over at 2. Simply turn the dial on the TRV in each room so it's just as warm as you want it. By controlling the amount of heat to each room you save energy and money too!

Smart radiator valves are also designed to let you control the temperature in individual rooms but they can be operated remotely. They work alongside your smart thermostat and are normally controlled from your phone or tablet. This is known as zoned heating.

It's normally easy to fit smart thermostatic radiator valves to your radiators in place of the existing ones, please contact us for more information.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a quick response today in getting my boiler sorted. Your specialist was lovely and did the service as planned. He kindly managed to disconnect my Nest which wasn’t working so I could at least have the heating on – I am very grateful for that as appreciate that was above and beyond the service. I’m so glad I chose you guys to fit my boiler and very grateful for great service.”

S Crawford, Boilers, Leith, EH6, Apr 2023

Thermostatic radiator valves FAQs

No! TRVs do the same job as a room thermostat so you don’t need both. You shouldn't have both in the same room as they will work against each other.

Manual radiator valves can only switch radiators on or off, while thermostatic radiator valves can set the temperature to a specific range. Smart TRVs go one better and let you select the exact temperature you want.

The short answer is Yes! It often takes as little as an hour to fit a single valve, depending on whether or not your heating system needs the water drained out of it.

Thermostatic Valves FA Qs

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