Restore your central heating system to full health with Edinburgh’s power flushing experts.

Is your system less efficient than it used to be? Our expert engineers will assess whether power flushing may be the answer.

Power flushing your radiators can save you money and also make your home warmer.

If your radiators aren’t as hot as they should be and your system seems to be struggling to heat up then it's likely that a power flush is needed.

Over time, harmful dirt and debris build up in your central heating water; the mix of water and oxygen causes metallic sludge to form and over time this can destroy your boiler, pipework and radiators. Contaminated water leads to a loss of radiator heat, noisy heating, poor circulation and various parts failing. All of these factors mean higher gas bills and a greater chance of a boiler breakdown.

Power flushing is the most effective way of cleaning a dirty system in order to restore it back to health and reduce your home heating bills.

Our highly trained heating engineers will power flush your central heating system to improve it’s efficiency and save you money. We use the Nostrum specialist machines to connect hoses onto your heating pipework and pump cleansing chemicals round the system, removing dirt, sludge and debris so that only fresh, clean water is left.

Once your system has been brought back to prime efficiency, ensure that it stays that way by fitting a magnetic system filter such as Worcester Greenstar or Magnaclean.

These are fitted at the boiler and they are specifically designed to combat the damaging effects of system dirt and pollutants by catching sludge and debris before they reach your boiler.

Having a magnetic filter fitted is a requirement of the Building Regulations when you have a new boiler installed

Our engineer will clean the filter free of charge as part of your annual boiler service.

Magnetite, commonly known as "sludge" builds up in your heating system over time. The mix of water, oxygen and metal in your pipes causes a metallic deposit to form and it travels around your system in the water, causing corrosion and blockages in pipework, radiators and boiler. The more sludge in your system, the less efficiently it will heat and the more chance there is of your boiler breaking down. If left un-treated, the sludge can become solid and block your pipework completely. At this point it can no longer be flushed out and instead the affected pipes need cut out and replaced which can prove very costly. 

The only way to remove sludge once it's present is by carrying out a power flush and then prevent it building up again by installing a magnetic system filter which is emptied regularly (normally during your annual boiler service).

1. Your radiators don't feel as hot as they used to or have cold patches on them, particularly at the bottom.

2. Your heating system sounds noisy.

3. Black water comes out your radiators when you bleed them.

4. You've had several boiler parts replaced.

5. Radiators are taking longer to heat up the normal.

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a quick response today in getting my boiler sorted. Your specialist was lovely and did the service as planned. He kindly managed to disconnect my Nest which wasn’t working so I could at least have the heating on – I am very grateful for that as appreciate that was above and beyond the service. I’m so glad I chose you guys to fit my boiler and very grateful for great service.”

S Crawford, Boilers, Leith, EH6, Apr 2023

Power Flushing FAQs

Not at all, we use protective dust sheets to avoid any slight spillages.

There is a little noise, it could be likened to a quiet vacuum cleaner, but clients happily continue to work from home during our visits.

We guarantee our power flushes for a minimum of 12 months but in the vast majority of cases we'd expect it to last significantly longer than this; if it's done properly most systems only need cleaned every 10 years or so. 

The majority of heating systems can be power cleansed, one exception is radiators which have "twin valves", ie 2 pipes coming into one side of the radiator rather than one on each side. In this case our engineers will need to alter pipework beforehand.

Some other types of system may be less suitable but we'll always discuss this with you before going ahead.

Power Flushing

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