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Cast Iron Radiators Case Study

Scott Findlay 09 May 2023

Job Description

We were contacted by a client with a recently acquired investment property, a renovated church, who was looking for traditional cast iron radiators to replace the existing standard panel ones currently fitted.

Firstly we asked her to choose a style from one of our approved suppliers and she settled on the stunning Rococo model from Castrads, a specialist company based in Chelsea.

These radiators are very high quality, and it's fair to say that they're pretty costly, so it's important to make sure that they're fitted by someone with plenty of experience in this type of work. The radiators themselves are supplied in sections which then need to be assembled on site, before being fitted. Given the weight and the cost, it's a job in itself to move them into the property and get them unpacked. We use special lifting harnesses to make sure that they can be moved safely and as we have a lot of experience in this type of work we follow a clear procedure as you can see in the photos below.

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Once the radiators are inside and have been built, the pipes need to be set at the correct diameter so that whether they are coming up through the floor or out of a wall, they are in precisely the exact position needed to join up perfectly with the specialist valves.

In this job we also had to take into account that there was a new wooden floor still to be fitted which would raise the eventual height that the radiators would sit at. This requires more measuring and an allowance for the flooring down to the last millimetre!

Once we had all the rads in place, they had to be removed from the walls again so that the decorators could do their work, before we returned to re-attach them. These type of radiators don't sit on traditional brackets, they are fitted with special decorative wall "stays"which come in various designs so it's not a case of "off you pop and down we drop" like you would do with a standard panel rad!

As you can see the end result is stunning and watch this space for some photos of the fully decorated interior soon....

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"I think your engineers are great! We had a bad experience with another company a few years ago who simply turned on the boiler and said everything was fine. Your engineers are much more thorough and are also happy to explain things to us mere mortals. The engineers I've dealt with from Scott Findlay are genuinely nice people, which goes a long way in my book."

J Shirley, Boiler service, Sept 2023, Central Heating, Leith, EH6, Sept 2023
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