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Power Flush Case Study

Spring Gardens Retirement Home 09 May 2023

Situation and Assessment

We were contacted by a local care home in Portobello, their central heating was working to optimum capacity and they were having radiators lose heat because of blockages in the system, they'd been recommended a power flush as a possible solution. Although we are experts in power flushing and carry them out regularly, this job needed a different approach due to the vulnerable residents who couldn't be left without warmth, especially during cold weather.

Due to the size of the system; (3 boilers and 47 radiators), we sent 2 senior engineers to assess the job, (Simon and Kevin), Kevin is also a fully qualified commercial engineer which meant we covered all bases. After a survey, it was clear that there was a large amount of sludge in the radiators and pipework and that a power flush would greatly improve the heating, but we were still cautious.

We needed to rule out any potential issues with the existing system before going ahead so that we could be sure the flush would go smoothly and there wouldn't be any unforeseen problems, leading to a possible loss of heating.

It was agreed to us returning to carry out a full assessment of all radiators using infra red cameras and noting down the condition and operation so that we could fix any problems prior to the flush. As there were 47 radiators (an average home has around 7-10) so this was a job in itself. We determined that it was possible to isolate the heating and leave the hot water working throughout the job. We also recommended that two large magnetic system filters be installed into the system to prevent a subsequent build-up of sludge.

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The job

With everyone happy, the job was booked for the middle of summer and with a contingency plan put in place with some additional electric heaters, just in case the Scottish summer wasn’t on our side to keep the residents warm, whilst the work was going on.

The engineers needed to have full access to the home, to work their way round every radiator in turn. Simon and Kevin were warmly welcomed by staff and residents alike, many of whom were keen to see what they were up to with their machines, special cameras and hoses.

The job took a full week and once they had worked their magic, the home was left with a lovely clean, sludge free heating system; the radiators were pumping out heat like new and everyone was delighted. Spring Gardens residents have now spent their first winter since we visited and agree that the power flush has made a huge difference, the home is warm and the system is working efficiently again.

This was a particularly tricky job due to the size of the property and the vulnerable residents there but by planning meticulously we were able to make sure it went smoothly and to confidently assure the manager that the solution would work. We asked Grant if he'd be happy to leave testimonial and this is what he said below:

The Result

In the care home the central heating is essential to the comfort and wellbeing of the residents. One of the difficulties we faced initially was finding someone to complete the power. The care home is larger than a “home” but a lot smaller than large commercial premises. From the moment we contacted “Scott Findlay Plumbing and Heating”, and spoke with Claire we were put at ease. They approached the whole problem in a systematic way and looked to identify possible issues ahead of time to minimise disruption within the care home before the job even started. Simon and Kevin were great throughout the job and dealt with working in an unusual environment for them with great professionalism and respect for the residents. With the power flush complete the central heating has been working without issue. We would wholeheartedly recommend “Scott Findlay Plumbing and Heating” for jobs big and small. Grant Hill… Spring Gardens Care Home

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“I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a quick response today in getting my boiler sorted. Your specialist was lovely and did the service as planned. He kindly managed to disconnect my Nest which wasn’t working so I could at least have the heating on – I am very grateful for that as appreciate that was above and beyond the service. I’m so glad I chose you guys to fit my boiler and very grateful for great service.”

S Crawford, Boilers, Leith, EH6, Apr 2023
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