Edinburgh City Youth Cafe

Leading the way for 28 years

Helping over 180, 000 young people.

52 wks a year, 5 days a week.

As a successful local business we feel we have a duty to help those around us and a time when more and more children and young people are struggling, we have chosen to support an amazing Edinburgh charity which is dedicated to improving their lives.

One of our own engineers has direct experience of the amazing work that 6VT do; he became involved with them during his teens, over 20 years ago, and he credits them with keeping him on the right track. Without them he says that he wouldn’t be where he is now.

This year we were delighted to help donate goods to their Christmas appeal as well as in previous years offering donations for their day to day running.

6VT have turned around the lives of thousands of young people who could otherwise have gone on to lose their way, they’ve often been the only source of support for young people who have no one else to turn to, such as cared for children and young adults.

Have a look at the wonderful work that they do here: Edinburgh City Youth Cafe

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