Looking for Landlord Certification or advice? We're happy to help. We offer all the following landlord Safety checks on properties within Edinburgh to ensure you meet your legal requirements.

Landlord certification

A Landlord's Gas Safety certificate (CP12) is a legal requirement. This covers all the gas appliances in a property to ensure that they're safe. It must be carried out annually.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is also mandatory. The frequency required is something of a grey area but best practice is to have these carried out annually and this is something which letting agencies will insist upon.

Legionella certification. If you’re a landlord in Edinburgh, or for that matter anywhere in the UK, you’re now required under the Health and Safety at Work Act to carry out a legionella risk assessment on your property. Again, this is something which letting agencies insist upon annually although the law is less clear.

EICR (electrical Installation Condition Report ) This must be done at least every 5 years by a qualified electrician.

Carbon Monoxide detectors must be fitted in every room which has a boiler, fire or flue (even if the flue is just passing though this room hidden within a void space).

Smoke and Heat Alarms must be fitted by February 2021 in order to comply with the latest regulations.

Making compliance simpler.

We offer an annual reminder service to help you keep track of when your gas and electrical certificates are due for renewal.

We're also happy to collect keys free of charge from Edinburgh letting agents.

If your property requires flue inspection hatches fitted we'll take care of this for you.

New minimum efficiency standards

From April 2020, the Scottish Government is introducing minimum efficiency standards for private rented homes. Read more on the Energy Saving Trust website