10 Heating and Plumbing Spring Tips

10 Heating and Plumbing Spring Tips

Author - Scott Findlay 16 Apr 2021

Spring is finally here and as the clocks jump forward bringing with them longer evenings, there’s more time to get your home into shipshape. After the year we’ve had with more time spent at home than ever before, lots of people are investing in their homes to make them more comfortable or to add more space. We’ve put together a list of things to consider pencilling in this spring so that you can really enjoy your home in the coming months.

  1. Service your gas fire This may seem odd at this time but after using it all winter, now is a great time to get it serviced and ready for next winter. In addition, the demand on heating engineers slackens off in spring with less demand for boiler repairs or burst pipes so it is easier to get an appointment which suits you.
  2. Service your boiler You may not need to use your central heating as much during the spring and summer months but you definitely don’t want to find a problem when you do need it. Servicing it now will mean that you are ready for when you need it and ahead of all the others who scramble to call for help come winter.
  3. Bathroom upgrades The best time to install a new shower or bathroom is in the spring. Warmer months mean more availability for plumbers. In addition there are usually lots of spring sales where you can get good deals on whole bathroom suites.
  4. Power flush your piping This is a maintenance job and is beneficial to keep your central heating system working efficiently. Doing it now will mean that it is ready and primed for winter when you need it to work efficiently. You don’t want to find cool radiators in the depth of winter and have to try and fix the problem when what you really want is a nice cosy home.
  5. Consider a new boiler If you believe that your boiler is on its last legs and have been recommended to get a new one then now is the best time to install one. The demand for heating is less and so interruptions whilst the new boiler is installed are tolerated much better than in the depths of winter.
  6. Install a smart thermostat If you have ever thought about doing this then now is the best time. It can save you money on heating bills compared to a traditional thermostat.
  7. Check your outside taps are working and not leaking. After a long winter with freeze/ defrost cycles of weather, outside taps and pipes can crack. Check them out so that they are working well for your garden activities this spring and summer!
  8. Check your drains are clear and working well. Are they blocked or smelly? Outside drains can become blocked with leaves and debris blown during winter. Spring is a good time to clear rubbish and maintain drains.
  9. Install a water feature in your garden Whether it is installation of an outside tap or perhaps an outside water feature plumbed in, now is the perfect time before the summer months when your grass or plants need a good supply of water.
  10. Campervan and motor home LPG checks If you own one of these vehicles and are considering using it this spring or summer, make sure that you get the gas supply checked. This can be done by a qualified gas engineer ensuring that you are travelling safe.

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