Top Spring Plumbing Tips Get Your Home in Order

Top Spring Plumbing Tips: Get Your Home in Order

Author - Scott Findlay 17 Jan 2023

It’s been a long, cold winter – and it’s not over yet. But spring is just around the corner, and there are several things you can do with your home’s plumbing to prepare for the year ahead.

As the weather gets warmer, now is a good time to carry out maintenance tasks on your home. Don’t wait until next winter to sort things out – add a bit of plumbing to your spring cleaning and get your system in top shape early in the year.

Here are four top spring plumbing tips to start thinking about today.

1. Clear Your Gutters

Spring is the perfect time to clear your gutters out. They can fill up with debris during the winter months and get clogged up. No one wants to go out in the winter weather to clear them, so do it now that the weather is improving.

Clogged gutters can be serious. They can cause water can overflow and damage the exterior and foundation of your home. So clear out the dead leaves, twigs and other debris, and allow the water to run freely again.

Try to do this a few times during the year to keep the gutters clean all year round.

2. Check the System for Leaks

This is a good time to check for any leaks in the system in the pipes and fixtures. Cold weather can cause damage during the winter months, so check for signs of water damage in your property, including examining the ceilings and walls.

If you spot any potential problems, call a plumber and get them checked out.

3. Check Your Outdoor Taps

Outdoor taps can freeze during the winter, causing damage to the pipes. Check your outdoor taps for leaks. If the water is not flowing properly, get it checked out by a professional plumber.

4. Inspect Your Toilets

Check your toilets at this time of year to make sure they are flushing properly. Check for leaks and look over them for signs of wear and tear. Ensure they are sealed properly to the floor too.

Toilet leaks can lead to higher water bills. You might be able to fix any problems yourself or call a plumber to help, and you could then save some money on your bills during the year.

Call a Plumber

These are all things you can do during the spring to make sure your plumbing is in order, but there are some things an experienced plumber can make a lot easier.

Contact us today to get a qualified plumber to check over anything you’re not sure about or to check out any potential problems you spot. They will be able to catch problems early before they become serious, leading to potentially significant savings.

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