The Cost of Boiler Replacement Budgeting Tips and Factors to Consider

The Cost of Boiler Replacement: Budgeting Tips and Factors to Consider

Author - Scott Findlay 15 Jan 2024

A gas boiler that is beyond repair is not good news. With everyone’s heating bills increasing and food costing more, it’s the last thing that you want to happen. If there is any good news associated with having to replace your boiler it’s that your new boiler will be much more efficient and most likely will save you money. Replacing your old G-rated boiler with a new A-rated energy-efficient boiler can save you up to £580 per year. If you do need to get a new boiler (Combi, System boiler, or Regular Boiler) and are replacing the system like for like, then there are a few things to consider that might save you money in the long run.

Boiler Manufacturers

There is a huge range of boiler manufacturers to choose from (Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal, and Viessmann to name a few) and all of them have different price points. What differentiates between certain brands are:

  • Technology and Innovation: Some brands may prioritise developing new technologies and introducing extra features on every new model.
  • Quality and reliability are also important. Those brands that build their boilers using durable and quality parts get a reputation for being less bothersome and more reliable and are more attractive to customers.
  • Efficiency and performance vary among brands as each of them focuses on different aspects to improve efficiency and save you money.
  • Customer support and warranties are differentiators. Those brands that offer long warranties and responsive customer support gain more trust and attract more customers.
  • Cost is a big factor. Some brands aim at the cheaper end of the market whilst others focus on brand longevity by aiming their price point higher.
  • Environmental concerns are baked into some brands and they may build their brand based on manufacturing boilers with lower emissions or with a lower carbon footprint
  • User-friendly controls can be important. Intuitive displays for when there is a problem with the boiler and user-friendly interfaces can set brands apart.

Installation Expenses

Installing a gas boiler is not cheap. By law, the engineer installing a gas boiler needs to be Gas Safe registered. This is to ensure that the installation keeps to all the legal guidelines and is deemed safe so it is not a job for someone who only knows a bit about heating. There have been a few instances of domestic gas leaks and explosions in the news recently and this can occur from poor workmanship, so it is vitally important to use fully qualified professionals.

The cost of installation will vary from company to company. Whilst some companies can install cheaply, it is always best to read reviews to find out what other people think. An installation that is cheap but goes on over several days leaving you without hot water or heating may not be the bargain that you were looking for. A standard installation should normally only take two days. Furthermore, a less-than-professional installation can lead to problems in the future leading to boiler breakdowns, poor efficiency, and acceleration of worn parts.

Another thing to consider that will make a difference to the cost of the installation is whether the new boiler will go exactly where the old one was. In this case, it is more likely that the cost will be less than if you wanted it moved to another location such as the garage. The complexity of the installation and any extra parts required to fit the boiler in the desired location will need to be budgeted for.


Whilst some boilers may be cheaper to buy brand new, long term their efficiency may deteriorate and their working parts break down faster as a result of lower-quality materials. So it is important to consider whether cheaper is getting you a bargain. There are plenty of reports on the reliability and durability of boilers online. At Scott Findlay, we recommend Worcester boilers due to their superior parts and quality and subsequently low breakdown rate.

So, there are many things to consider when budgeting for a new boiler and if you are considering a new boiler in Edinburgh, then get in touch with us and we can walk through the options and even get an engineer out to visit.

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