7 Surprising Benefits of Upgrading Your Boiler

7 Surprising Benefits of Upgrading Your Boiler

Author - Scott Findlay 14 Mar 2023

How long has it been since you upgraded your boiler to a new model? Old boilers are less efficient, more expensive and can cause all sorts of problems in your home.

Upgrading an old boiler that is outdated or needs constant maintenance can be an excellent decision and have many benefits. Here are seven great reasons to upgrade your boiler.

1. Lower Your Heating Bills

One of the first and most important benefits is that a new boiler will be more efficient than your old model, which means it can help to lower your bills.

With the problems many people face with higher bills right now, getting a new boiler could be a sensible decision. You could find that it slashes hundreds of pounds off your annual bill.

2. Save Money on Repairs

Old boilers tend to break down a lot more frequently, which can end up costing you a lot of money in repairs if you have to call out a boiler engineer regularly.

A new boiler is far less likely to cause you problems, and they often come with long guarantees too.

3. Enjoy Peace and Quiet

New boilers have more advanced designs and are made from high-quality parts. One of the benefits of this is that they often operate a lot more quietly than old boilers.

Noisy boilers can be very disruptive in your home, so get a new boiler and you’ll hardly know it’s there.

4. Free Up Space

New boilers are often a lot smaller than the older models, meaning you can install them in different places and hide them away. This means you could free up space in your home to use in different ways.

5. Enjoy Greater Comfort

Modern boilers heat your home more effectively. They have better heating controls, so you can adjust the temperature more accurately.

For example, you may be able to choose precise temperatures for different rooms and maintain a more consistent temperature with even heat distribution.

6. Get Peace of Mind

You can enjoy more peace of mind when you have a new boiler in your home. After all, it’s less likely to break down when it’s least convenient, like in the middle of winter.

7. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Finally, modern boilers are better for the environment. They are more efficient and burn less fuel to heat your home compared to older models, so you know you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Know When Time’s Up for Your Boiler

Is it time to get a new boiler installed? If your boiler is over a decade old, breaking down more frequently or not heating efficiently, these are all signs that you could do with an upgrade.

Next time you call your boiler engineer to check it out, ask their opinion. It may be time to get a new boiler and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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