How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Boiler

How Long Does It Take to Fit a New Boiler?

Author - Scott Findlay 07 Jun 2022

Are you considering replacing your gas boiler? People will replace their boiler for a number of reasons. For example, if your gas boiler has broken down and cannot be repaired. But it may be that you find your energy bills are increasing and this could be due to an old inefficient boiler working really hard but burning too much gas even when you try to conserve energy by turning the thermostat down. Whatever the reason, a question that is always asked of us is - how long will it take to fit a new boiler? The legitimate concern is of being without hot water and heating for a period of time when the new boiler is being installed. So we have decided to outline a rough schedule of events and to put your mind at rest in terms of disruption and timings.

Here’s how the team at Scott Findlay would proceed with fitting a new boiler:

1) A senior gas engineer would visit the home and inspect the property and gas supply and talk over the client’s requirements for hot water and heating. For example, how many bathrooms they have, the number of people living in the property, and the individual lifestyle requirements e.g. 2 or more people showering at the same time. The engineer would then discuss everything with Scott back at the office.

2) A quote is prepared by the team at Scott Findlay and is usually issued within a week. If a boiler needs to be replaced urgently and the team is contacted before lunchtime, then it’s possible to have one installed the next day if they have the space in the diary to fit it.

3) If the quote is accepted, Claire will contact the client to discuss a suitable date and answer any queries. If the client wants to pay for the new boiler using finance options this can be discussed at this time and arranged. A formal acceptance will be sent.

4) On the installation day, the old boiler is removed, and all scrap materials and refuse are removed and recycled.

5) If the installation requires any joiners, plasterers, electricians, or other trades, Scott Findlay will supply these in order to provide the client with a complete installation package.

6) As Gas Safe Registered Engineers, Scott Findlay’s engineers will complete all compliance documentation and register the boiler guarantee with Worcester Bosch.

7) Replacing a boiler usually takes 1-2 days. Usually, the boiler will be up and running by the end of the first 8hr day and the client is rarely without gas or hot water.

8) At the end of each working day, Scott Findlay engineers will tidy up absolutely everything before they leave.

9) In the days following the new boiler install, Scott Findlay’s aftercare team will send a follow-up email to the client to check that they’re happy and sign the job off. They will also set them up on the service reminder system so that the client receives a reminder for next year’s boiler service.

10) A bill for payment is then sent out to the client.

So as you can see, the fitting of a new boiler is usually finished within one to two days, and rarely will the client be without hot water and heating by the end of the first day. It does make sense to install a new boiler during the warmer months when there is less pressure on central heating. Getting your boiler serviced regularly will alert engineers to any issues who can sort out problems before they get to the point of being irreparable.

We hope that this puts your mind at ease over any disruption and that the team is waiting for your call.

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