Why Landlords can Benefit from Having a Trusted Go To Plumber

Why Landlords can Benefit from Having a Trusted Go-To Plumber

Author - Scott Findlay 24 Aug 2021

As a landlord, there’s nothing worse than a phone call from one of your tenants informing you of a plumbing issue in one of your properties. Whilst there is no magic wand available to wipe those problems away, there is one solution that can greatly reduce the time, stress and potential damage that these issues can bring – having a trusted, go-to plumber in the local area. Here we’ve put together a list of some of the main benefits of having a plumber that you can trust to get any job you need done quickly and reliably.


If the toilet in one of your properties is reported to be blocked, and it’s the only toilet available to the tenants, then that is an issue that will need to be addressed urgently. The last thing you want to be doing is having to search through the internet for a suitable plumber for the job, not knowing who’s best to contact.

By already having a go-to plumber, you can get in touch with them straight away and save valuable time in the process. This can massively streamline the job for you as a landlord and won’t leave you stressing over a growing problem. Your plumber can get to the property quickly, identify what’s causing the issue and have everything back running smoothly again in no time.


By having one plumber that you will always contact whenever you encounter a plumbing issue, you will develop trust and confidence in them. You will know that the service they provide meets the level of quality you expect, rather than having to take a gamble and acquire the services of someone you’ve never encountered.

You will also build up a good working relationship, meaning that you will know that the plumber will be up front and honest with you. They will always be accountable for any work they provide and you can be sure they won’t mess you around with money or provide a shady service that doesn’t fix your problems.


Another great benefit of having a plumber in close contact is the helpful advice they can provide to you about how to keep on top of your properties’ plumbing tasks. By building up a good relationship with your plumber, you’ll be able to ask them any questions you have about avoiding further plumbing issues down the line.

Whether you’re concerned about potential burst pipes, or have a faulty tap that won’t stop dripping, you can always lean on your go-to plumber’s expertise to make your decision. You can also pick up some seasonal tips too, like when the best time in the year is to consider installing a new shower.

If you’re based in Edinburgh and have any plumbing issues or queries, Scott Findlay would be more than happy to offer our services. We have offices in Meadowbank and Morningside and our service covers the entire city. Our engineers are all experienced, fully qualified plumbers that will treat your property with the utmost respect.

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