What Use Are Smart Heating Controls

What Use Are Smart Heating Controls?

Author - Scott Findlay 08 Nov 2021

Smart heating controls are an increasingly popular option that many of our customers use as a way of controlling their heating at home. But what exactly are smart controls, and what benefits do they bring?

What are Smart heating controls?

Smart heating controls are a control system that use modern technology to allow you to have greater control over your heating at home. They are an alternative to older systems where users would only have the option of switching the heating/hot water on or off.

How do Smart heating controls work?

To use Smart heating controls, you must have a Smart thermostat installed into your home. This thermostat then connects your boiler to your smartphone via the internet, giving you the ability to control your heating and hot water with your smartphone. This means you can set, adjust and turn off the heating when you're at home and when you're not.

What are the benefits of using Smart heating controls?

Smart controls have many functions that the old timed on and off controllers don’t offer. The most prominent of these functions is the ability to control your boiler directly from your smart device (e.g phone or tablet). This allows for a much easier way for you to change your heating and hot water settings and the ability to do so on-the-go.

Another feature of smart heating controls is the ability to use voice control with smart speakers like Alexa. This provides a simplified way of using the Smart features for those that aren’t as confident using the smart device set up.

Can Smart heating controls tell when everyone is out?

Yes - geo location knows when all registered devices (phones/tablets) are away from the property. Some brands also have a room sensor and recognise when there has been no movement in the property.

Are Smart heating controls worth it?

Yes, most homeowners can save around 10-20% on heating bills when they switch from old, traditional heating systems to a Smart system.

Which Smart thermostat remotely controls heating and hot water?

All brands of Smart thermostats provide the ability to remotely control heating and hot water. Some of the biggest brands available include Honeywell, Nest, Hive and Tado.

Who can install smart heating controls?

In order to have a Smart thermostat installed in your home, you will require the services of heating engineers and electricians. At Scott Findlay, we have great experience installing Smart thermostats into homes and over the years have built up a good understanding of the service that customers are expecting.

If you are considering having a Smart thermostat installed in your home, feel free to contact us on 01316699993 or at info@scottfindlay.co.uk and we’d be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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