Scott Findlay Supports Local Charity 6 VT Youth Café Aiding Vulnerable Kids

Scott Findlay Supports Local Charity 6VT Youth Café Aiding Vulnerable Kids

Author - Scott Findlay 07 Apr 2022

As a local business, we are always looking for ways to support the community and help, where we can, those less fortunate. A project close to our hearts is the 6VT Youth Café which is based in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. This charity has been providing a vital safe space for young people in need for over 30 years. When we heard that they had linked up with Dnipro Kids – an Edinburgh-based charity that evacuated a group of Ukrainian orphans to Scotland – we decided to send some of our March Ukrainian Charity funds to 6VT to help them support the Ukrainian kids.

Who is 6YT Youth Café?

Whilst there are lots of local charities who deserve help, we wanted to help 6YT Youth Café as our staff has had personal experience of their services and the great work that they do. They offer emotional and practical support and a safe space for children to go when they are struggling. They are also relied upon in a wider sense by many other Edinburgh social services, due to their wide involvement with children and families in need. The work they do is even more needed in light of the pandemic’s devastating effect on children and young persons, particularly those who are marginalised and struggling with mental health issues.

We can vouch for the incredible work this charity does. One of our staff used the charity as a boy and he believes that they changed the course of his life through their support and he wouldn’t be where he is now without them. With such personal recommendations, we felt that we wanted to support them in any way we can. By donating money but also by facilitating other fundraising and events and offering work experience for the kids.

Money for Ukraine

During the month of March, we committed to donating £5 from every job completed to Ukrainian charities. We have given 6VT Youth Café £500 of this money and the rest of the money raised is going to the Red Cross. 6VT will use the money to reach out to the Dnipro Kids Charity to offer their premises as a youth-friendly space for the Ukrainian young people to come together. The café offers free hot food, free health, and feminine hygiene products, and access to computers and the internet as well as all the other resources. 6YT has offered to host dedicated nights for the Ukrainians but also hopes that the group will join the universal Drop-in sessions and get the chance to meet some of the young people using the services.

We hope that you agree that this is a well-deserved use of the money raised last month and going forward we will be strengthening our links with 6YT Youth Café and the great work that they do. Look out for more information coming soon to our website!

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